Dear students, parents, volunteers, and community,

          LHYC reopened June 8 following the guidelines from our local health department and the CDC. An extensive amount of research and discussions has gone into when is the right time to open and what does that look like. Ultimately, LHYC feels like it is riskier for the students we serve to not open doors. Below is a summary of what we are doing to ensure the continued safety of our staff and students. Our new policies and protocols are subject to change as the situation continues to change.

  • We have taken this time to remodel part of our building, tearing down 2 room which allows for greater airflow and minimizing smaller confined spaces. We have also temporarily removed the doors to our kitchen to lessen the touching of door handles.

  • Upon opening, there will be a max allowed capacity of 40 people, this is a smaller number then what we are allowed but feel it best to start conservatively and increase our number allowed as we go.

    • (We have since removed the cap on the number of students in the building)  

  • Everyone entering the building will be let in by a staff member and required to do the following 

    • Sign in – this allows us to not only monitor who is in our building and the numbers but as a record for contact tracing if the need should arise.  

    • Compete assessment survey with temp check 

    • Germ-X hands  

  • Masks are required. 

  • Each student will have to have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian before entering the building. This can be found at  

  • We will implement social distancing in our dining area and during dinner time, this includes the number of students at a table, spread apart and staggering dinner times if necessary. Dinner and flatware will be served as normal by a gloved server already following health code regulations.  

  • All of our gaming systems, pool tables, furniture, etc. will be place 6 feet apart to encourage social distancing.  

  • We will have signage placed throughout our building with our new policies and reminders for social distancing and frequent good hygiene and hand sanitation.   

  • We will have hand sanitizing stations placed throughout the building.  

  • Along with our normal cleaning, we have added additional sanitizing times. We have a sanitizing solution recommended by the local health department that we will spray or wipe frequently used surfaced at 5pm and 8pm each day.   

  • Our drinking fountain will be disabled.  

  • If someone who has visited LHYC tests positive, we will close our doors for 14 day, beginning the last day that person was in our facility. LHYC will contact the local health department with contact tracing information related to our facility.  

Our staff is committed to doing whatever it takes to safely keep our doors open to serve our students we desperately miss.  

We will continue to monitor our local data and recommendations from our local health department and the CDC and make changes accordingly.  

Thank you for your cooperation and support

- LHYC Staff