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We are a multi-site youth center with two campuses, hoping to provide young people a fun, structured, safe and loving place to spend time after school and in the summer. 

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Children have so much to offer to the world - we believe in the power that they hold, and know that they will mold future generations to come. At Life House Youth Center, we are here to give children the support they need to maximize their full potential. We have a number of programs and classes that help nurture our youth and help them develop the skills they will carry throughout their lives. Donate today, and see how you can make an impact!


Rich has been a faithful and reliable volunteer at the Youth Center for almost MANY YEARS now! It's crazy how much time flies. He comes consistently every Monday that he is able to make it to grill burgers for our kiddos (rain, snow, or shine!) and has been a great leader for our young men since day one. 

When I asked Rich why he started volunteering here at the Youth Center, he responded, "I found myself complaining a lot about the youth to my friends and wife, then it hit me; Who am I to complain if I am not trying to be a part of the solution?" Shortly thereafter Rich called the Youth Center to see about volunteering and would be here the following week! Rich definitely exemplifies the idea of "being the change you wish to see in the world". 

Since starting to volunteer, Rich has also begun to lead a young men's Bible study for our high school boys which has been super impactful! He has been bringing in different men from our community to lead lessons on Manhood to try and show the young men what it means to be a man, and also that they live in a community that cares about them. 

We want to extend a BIG THANK YOU to Rich for his service here at the Youth Center and his example of what we should all strive to be!


Volunteer Spotlight


43% of children born to the poorest families remain poor into adulthood.- Brookings Institute

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