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Partner with us.

We are seeking support from our community to grow and empower our future generations. When we help the youth we strengthen the health of the community. We ask you to partner with us because this is a "team effort" and we truly believe that we are "better together". 

We cannot do this without you.

Please consider partnering with us while we help change our future through the next generation of leaders.


LHYC Student, 

"The life house youth center has made me realize how important it is to show respect to others."

Dear Supporter

We at Life House youth Center are asking you to partner with us in our mission to better our community by growing and empowering our youth. Fidelity Communications was vital in helping us get established and now we are seeking support and partnership from other community businesses, organizations and members so that we can continue accomplishing our goals and reaching the youth of our community. Your donation will help provide sustainability and longevity to our programs and nightly dinner. You can give a one time gift or set up recurring gifts that can be deducted straight from your account. Both of these can be done easily from our DONATE tab. You may also send a check to PO BOX 695, Sullivan, MO 63080 or you can drop it off at Life House Youth Center Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday from 11-8pm.

$10 sponsors one student for one day of food and programming

$30 provides dinner for one student for a month

$225 provides an entire night of food at the LHYC

$750 provides food and programming for a night for every student

$12,000 sponsors food and programming for an entire month at the LHYC

(These amounts do not include administrative costs)

Some things you might receive based off the level of partnership:

  • Recognition on social media, newsletter, website, t-shirts, etc

  • Listed as a level partner on our Tree of Life

  • "Make Your Life Count" t-shirt

  • Coffee Mug

  • Recognition at events

  • Advertising on mailers

  • Donor acknowledgement letter for tax deduction

  • Annual report detailing how money has been spent

  • Use of our facility 

  • Self gratification and bragging rights

  • Let us know if there is a specific goal we can help you reach while you help us change the future for our children and community. 

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” -Albert Einstein


This is a special club reserved for those who partner with the Life House Youth Center and give to support us every month. There is no gift that is too large or too small. Gifts as small as $10 a month help us to keep moving forward. You can sign up to have it deducted straight from your bank account. See the detailed list above to see what your money can do to help create lasting positive change.

To those sustainer's we want to say, "Thank You" without your continued involvement in our mission, our vision for a brighter future for our youth and for our community would NOT be a reality.


To become part of the Sustainer's Club Click Here



Life House Youth Center is completely free of charge to the students that attend, however, there are still great costs to maintaining and growing our facility, programs and dinners.​ If we were to charge, it would cost each student $10 a day to attend the center. If our students had to pay, most would not be able to come. You can help us keep this completely free to the students by choosing to become a sponsor. You can sponsor 1 student for 1 day or 5 students for an entire month or anywhere in-between. All levels are welcome and count toward our success. 

Agencies/Corporate Sponsors


Fidelity Communications (Founding Partner)


FCCRB (Franklin County Community Resource Board)

United Way Agency

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