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At Life House Youth Center, we go above and beyond to make sure your life is made easier by providing you a wide range of resources that are accessible to you at any given time during the day. We are also very dedicated in providing parents, as well as students, with the necessary tools needed to grow in the 4-pillars of strength (heart, mind, soul, strength).

Below you will find a list of resources that are for both parents and students grow in their "4-persons".


Parent resources

Our mission at the LHYC is not only to help the students of our community, we also desire to help the parents of our students get help they may need in their life. It is our aim to strengthen every part of the family unit and to partner with the parents of our young people to their children grow daily.

Below is a link that that will give you a list of resources to help the parents in our community provided by the FCCRB (Franklin County Community Resource Board).

student resources

It is our goal to encourage, equip, and empower our students in every way possible. We support the strengthening of the "4-pillars of strength". Which consists of heart, mind, soul and strength. In order to do that we want our students to obtain the best possible resources to help them in every way. 

Below is a link to resources that a student can use to obtain several different types of help provided by the FCCRB (Franklin County Community Resource Board)

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