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LHYC Siwak Scholarship Program

This Scholarship is for LHYC High School students who are seeking further education

Purpose of the LHYC Siwak Scholarship

The LHYC Siwak Scholarship is for our high school students that attend the LHYC and are active Student-Volunteers. We are excited to help our students prepare for their next steps in life through college or other continued education endeavors. 

Criteria for Scholarship

Submit scholarship program application

  • A student who attends the LHYC at least 16 hours a semester to be considered an LHYC student.

  • 2.0 GPA

  • 40 hours of community service a year

    • To be submitted each semester – example 10 quarter

    •  Students cannot submit them all in one semester without prior approval with the Scholarship Program Board (Jen, Kayla, Roger)

      • Community Service regarding the Mentorship Program at the LHYC and must be signed off by the Scholarship Board 

  • Must be an “active” LHYC student volunteer

    • Check-in monthly with the LHYC Staff in the Youth Center​

  • No income restrictions

  • School Attendance 85% cumulative

The LHYC Siwak Scholarship can be used in all of the following ways:

    • Gas Card (getting to and from school)

    • Tuition 

    • Books

    • Groceries

    • Rent

    • Utilities


Scholarship Levels –

Perpetuity: 2,500

  • Senior $2,000

  • Juniors $1,500

  • Sophomore $1,000

  • Freshman $500

An award ceremony will be held every year in May

* We reserve the right to make changes with the LHYC program.

* A student can be removed from the program if the Scholarship Board decides that the conduct of the student does not support the vision of the LHYC.

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Scholarship Directors

Roger Siwak

Jennifier Massie-Fadler

Kayla Watters

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