For several years LHYC Director Jennifier Massie-Fadler had been concerned about the community's youth and realized need for something that not only makes a positive difference in their lives but that also has a lasting impact on the community. In 2016 Jennifier reached out to organizations, businesses and community leaders for help in establishing her vision of a youth center for children. With the passion and help from Stefan Wehmeyer, Marsha Thompson, our families, Fidelity Communications Co. and many other selfless volunteers and donors, a vision became reality when Life House Youth Center opened its doors in Sullivan on September 1, 2017.

Life House Youth Center is a non-for-profit center open to all children 10-17 free of charge. We provide our youth a fun, structured, safe and loving place to spend time with their peers after school and in the summer. They can get a meal, get homework assistance, have internet access, learn a new skill or hobby and be surrounded by people who care about them. We provide them a support system made up of caring staff members and volunteers who actively and constantly seek to foster values, morals, life skills and self confidence. LHYC's # 1 goal is to build lasting relationships with the youth in our community to empower them to make positive choices and enable them to maximize their full potential and achieve their highest goals. LHYC is completely unique to our area. There is no other agency around offering all of these things at no cost.

Since opening our doors, we see an average of 50 students a night. Our list of 2018 programs are: Healthy Living, Youth Development, Student Leadership, Mentoring, Homework assistance/tutoring, Youth Outreach and Positive Social Development.

We have had a great start due to overwhelming support of our many volunteers, donors and the continuing fundraising efforts that are allowing us to keep our doors open. Our hope is to continue to grow and for our programs to make a real difference in the lives of the children who attend the center. 


There are so many ways that an individual can help at the LHYC. The center only operates at it’s best when we have the help of the community, making us as effective as possible. A person can partner with the center in several ways.  

  • A person can sign up to volunteer at the youth center and help with "daily operations" throughout the night.

  • A person can sign up to mentor at the youth center and provide positive relationships.

  • A person can also help by donating financially to help us to continue to effectively reach the youth in our community..

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The LHYC is a non-profit youth center open to all children ages 10-17 years old FREE of charge. The center opened its doors on September 1st, 2017 to provide our community's young people a fun, structured, safe and loving place to spend time after school and in the summer. 

  • Staff and volunteers strive to provide a support system that fosters good values, life skills and self-confidence. in children who attend the center. At LHYC, children do homework, have access to computers and receive help from volunteers for tutoring. They socialize with their peers in the lounge area, game room and outside area where they play volleyball and basketball. They participate in structured activities, life classes/programs and perform chores at the center. 

  • The LHYC's #1 goal is to build lasting relationships with the youth in our community to empower them to maximize their full potential and achieve their highest goals. 

  • 2018 programs: Healthy Living, Youth Development, Student Leadership, Mentoring, Homework assistance/tutoring, Youth Outreach and Positive Social Development.  



Jennifier Massie-Fadler

Executive Director

"There is a great need in this community, and it's time to create change. The LHYC does that by providing love and possibilities. At LHYC, we challenge children, celebrate them, encourage them, teach them consequences and provide redirection when needed. We operate the center like we do our own homes. We treat these children like our own children. Simply, we just love and support them through the good, the bad and the ugly. Because of this, we are seeing positive change. Change doesn't happen overnight but we are seeing change happen."

Stefan LHC.png

Stefan Wehmeyer

Program Director

Stefan Wehmeyer is a husband and father of a beautiful baby girl. He is a minister at a local church and at the Center he is in charge of developing fun and interactive programs to help train and teach our students that attend the LHYC.


Sean "T" Monroe

Administrative Assistant

Sean T is a 23 year-old man college graduate who is passionate about helping shape the lives of youth in his community. Sean T loves basketball, fitness, and investing his time in the future (youth) of the community.












Life House Youth Center's mission is to start a cycle of love by assisting the children and families of Franklin and Crawford Counties to discover their full potential regardless of their social/economic backgrounds. 

We envision a stronger family unit and children who are prepared to tackle the world ahead of them.

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