We are going hiking June 16th @the Meremec State Park. We are leaving the LHYC @3:30 and will be back around 6pm. We are going on approximately a 1.5 mile hike, fishing (students bring their own fishing gear), and the LHYC staff is grilling and will eat @5pm as usual. 


We are taking our students to walk down Clark Street and Main Street in Sullivan, MO on June 18th from 4pm - 5pm


p.s. ALL students at the LHYC will participate in this because we believe serving our community is of utmost importance

Community Service

We are taking our students to the fair grounds in Sullivan, MO June 23rd from 3:45-4:45 to play kick ball. This will be a fun and healthy competetion between students and staff.

Kick Ball

We are taking our students to STL ZOO on june 26th. We are leaving around 1:30pm and will be around 7pm. This will be a fun day and totally free to all students that may attend. We will SHUT DOWN the whole center on this day on account of all the staff will be on the trip as well. 



Here at the LHYC we believe that healthy living is a foundational element to every person. We ar partnering up with Nicole who owns and operates Masterpiece Nutrion in Sullivan, MO to create our own protein shake flavor! This will be at the LHYC on July 2nd @3:30pm. Nicole is also going to share her amazing health story as well!


We are taking the students at the LHYC to Onondaga State Park in Leasburg, MO. We are soo excited to continue to walk through our Healthy Living Program with our students and find some new trails to explore.

Date: July 7th

Time: TBD


We are excited to go to the Meramec State Park owned by Erica and Lester Turilli. They are taking us on a tour of the Caverns and on a Boat Ride (this is safe with guardrails as well as life jackets and trained personnel). 

Date: July 14th

Time: 3:30pm 

Meremec Caverns and Boat Ride

Caleb Pohlman owner of Sullivan CrossFit is coming into the LHYC to lead our students (all students and staff will participate). This will be a fun and interactive group workout and he is going to lead a conversation with our students and staff about the benefits of eating healthy and regular fitness activities. 

Date: July 23rd

Time: 4pm (subject to change)

Caleb Pohlman - Sullivan CrossFit

Pastor Sean Adams from Grace City Church is coming to lead our students in a healthy and fund "Olympic" Competition. This will be comprised of multiple teams where each team receives points for each event that they win. This will be held at the LHYC.

Time: 3-5

Date: July 30th 


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